Semantics of keys

The theory of musical performance, and in particular of its individual branches, has not yet been fully established. This conclusion exists in musicology and still, despite the high level of…

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Methodological issues of studying scales and studies in piano lessons
Work on scales and arpeggios should begin from the first year of study, as soon as the student has mastered the basics of staging and sound production. When learning scales…

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Siberian maestro and the mysteries of his soul
People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor Arnold Mikhailovich Katz is one of the most famous people in our city. A lot of books, articles, reviews have been written about…

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About pianist Alexei Panov

December 3, in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, an evening concert was held with the participation of the Czech Virtuosi chamber orchestra, in which the famous pianist and conductor, International Competition winner Alexei Panov (Moscow) performed Concert No.24 for piano and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s orchestra . Behind the conductor’s desk was Ondrej Vrabec (Czech Republic). The organizer of the annual event was the “United Society of the Blind and Visually Impaired in the Czech Republic”. Continue reading

Features of the TV channel “Culture” in the context of modern Russian media

XX century entered the history of mankind as a century of information technology that changed the worldview of culture. What was available only to the elect became the property of millions. A statement of this fact allowed some scholars to call the development of culture in the era of mass communications “the peak of the democratic spiral of historical development and the spread of the spiritual values ​​of man” Continue reading

Live music or a museum of sounds?

It has been a good two decades since Norman Lebrecht published his sensational book “Who Killed Classical Music”, and then other works on the same topic. Soon, a wide discussion arose around the world about whether real music would survive, in which leading critics, managers and bloggers from different countries took part, including such authorities as Greg Sandow, Alex Ross, Colin Itok, Deborah Borda, Leon Botstein and others . Disputes continue to this day, the problem is actively debated on Internet forums. Our critics and musicologists are still silent … Continue reading

January 6 – the birthday of the hymn “God Save the Tsar”

January 6, 1834 the anthem “God Save the Tsar!” Was adopted as the anthem of the Russian Empire. It was first publicly performed the day before, on December 18, 1833, and replaced the previous hymn, “The Prayer of the Russian People”

“God save the Tsar!
Strong, sovereign,
Reign in glory to us;
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Mariinsky Theater is ready to answer for the “editing” of Handel

The reader contacted the editorial office of Fontanka, who visited the Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall on December 5 at the performance of Handel’s oratorio “Messiah”. According to him, the work was significantly reduced, and one of the solo parts was delegated to another voice.
“For unexplained reasons, the audience was presented with a Handel reader,” he wrote. – Someone unknown decided that playing the whole work is unprofitable and, at its discretion, cut the program of commercials by half. Continue reading

Musical memory and its development
In pedagogical practice, quite often questions arise related to the memorization of a musical work and its performance from memory. Some students have a tenacious, strong memory; others grasping "on…


Castrati singers in the Italian opera of the XVII - XVIII centuries
In modern historiography of opera, the role and significance of castrati singers is not sufficiently illuminated and causes even some bewilderment. Meanwhile, the development of Italian opera in the era…


Voice Hygiene
The professionalism of an artist-vocalist includes a number of requirements, and one of the main such qualities is ... the ability of an artist to maintain himself in good vocal…


January 6 - the birthday of the hymn "God Save the Tsar"
January 6, 1834 the anthem "God Save the Tsar!" Was adopted as the anthem of the Russian Empire. It was first publicly performed the day before, on December 18, 1833,…